Bold Line Design

Today marks the completion of the second year I’ve worked full time at Bold Line Design. I look back at the last twelve months with tremendous gratitude and thankfulness for another year of growth, expansion and opportunities. I appreciate the relationships built with my clients and the many projects I had the privilege to play a role in completing with them.

I heard it said, that when you are struggling to complete a task, remind yourself that you “get” to do this instead of feeling you “have” to do it. I try to remember this on all jobs I do, because it reminds me of my need for gratitude and perspective. While I can’t admit every job is easy or struggle free, I do feel honored that I do “get” to work on projects I love and spend my days following my passion for art and design. 

New year, new resolutions! I’ve been a little slow on the uptake with social media online when it comes to art, design, business and learning. I plan to change that by being much more active on social media this year. I’d never given much thought to the role it could play in my business and what I am passionate about. It’s easier to consume content than it is to create it. I am excited about connecting, sharing helping and being helped through the social connections, more than I have previously.

I also intend to write daily daily and share on my blog in a consistent schedule. I want to develop not only my skills as a writer but learn to articulate my views, teach others and connect with people more deeply.

These new resolutions a real more that just about my business, I am recognizing they also represent personal growth and development. Overcoming my own social obstacles and developing new personal habits in the way I think, write and interact with others. I’m cautiously optimistic!

No doubt if all goes according to plan, I’ll be looking back in this post in 12 months, cringing at my limited writing abilities at the time!

I want to thank my amazing wife, Paula, for her support of me and her willingness to sacrifice and fight for the dreams we’ve put into action. Paula is selfless, generous, faithful and a hard worker. I can speak confidently that the successes of 2016 would not be without her physical, emotional and spiritual support. Thank you babe!

I also want to thank everyone I’ve had the privilege to work with in 2016. Thank you for entrusting me with your projects that mean so much to you; whether it be a breast cancer awareness effort, a church youth group shirt, or school fundraiser shirts. I want to thank all of those I had the privilege to team up with in 2015, and look forward to all 2016 has to offer! 

Happy new year!

A Look Back
Am I the only one who has never really paid much attention to the “look back” feature on Facebook? Apparently when you check your feed, there is the occasional memory from that same date a year or more ago with the option to re-publish it on your wall again. I think it used to be an opt-in feature but now Facebook pushes it on everyone.

Time always flies by faster than we give it credit for. Today Facebook reminded me that it had been a year since I was interviewed as the featured artist by my friend and fellow artist, Bob Ostrom, for an article on his website. Has it really been a year already?

At this point in time a year ago, I was finishing up my first year working for myself. I had taken the leap of faith  in January of 2014 with the belief that “if I can do it for someone else, why not do it for myself?” mantra. I left behind a job position building someone else’s business to start my own; though slowly coming to the realization over that first year, that there was a lot more to owning a design studio than drawing pretty pictures! Despite the odds, my new business had grown each month that year. Through the ebb and flow of victories and defeats, there were still many signs the business was going to continue to build and grow into a sustainable entity. The encouragement and respect of an accomplished freelance artist already successful in the field was one of the highlights and victories of that often challenging and growth-filled first year in business for myself.

To have an accomplished fellow artist appreciate the work I was creating enough to give me guidance and highlight my work on his site gave me a boost of confidence during a time it would be easy to listen more to doubts. It was a reminder then and now, that I was on the right path, that I had ability and every reason to be confident and bold in the next year to come. I am loving the journey!

My interview from 2014 on Bob’s site



Frog and Peach Logo on TruckLove seeing the ways our logos get utilized by our customers. This truck by itself would turn heads but adding the logo to the side turns it into a moving billboard! Thank you for sharing the photo with us!