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Mat and his wife, Paula

Mat with his amazing wife, Paula

Independent Creative Designer Mathew Woodworth

Hey there! My name is Mathew Woodworth and I am an independent creative designer based in Aiken, South Carolina. I’ve nearly ten years of experience in the graphic design industry and offer services such as vector graphics, screen print design,  logo design, print design, branding and corporate identity to individuals, businesses and organizations locally and across the United States.

Besides being a graphic designer, I wear a few other hats in life; I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a son, a brother and a friend. Some of the roles I was born into and others I chose; but all have influenced me and shaped me physically, mentally and spiritually in life. These roles and responsibilities shape my work ethic, rearranged my priorities and sharpened my focus on my purpose and goals in life.
Art has been synonymous with the word “life” for me from a young age. I’ve been told I was drawing within the lines of coloring books since the age of two. Apparently this must be the official litmus test of one’s calling to be a professional designer! This proved to be the case for me as I spent many childhood hours with sketchpad and pencil in hand. Art supplies were always in the stocking at Christmas and a least one present’s worth on birthdays!

Growing up, I drew to impress the girls in grade school and battled fellow classmate artists in contests to determine who the best artist in the class! I remember the pinnacle of contests in middle school was centered around “Eddie” the mascot of the band, Iron Maiden. Eddie’s grotesque look and intricate line art on Maiden album covers presented the perfect source material for egotistical young middle school artists bent on artistic conquest and impressing their peers! I honestly do not remember who “won” those contests. I do remember that it was a great way to make a boring class or study hall period go by quickly; and in that respect we all won!

On a serious note, I was fortunate to have parents who supported my artistic aspirations and did all they could to help me succeed. I took a lot of art lessons, spent a rewarding summer at a summer school for the arts program, and had the opportunity take college art courses while finishing my senior year of art school.

In college, I majored in traditional art at SUNY Purchase and was introduced to digital media and design. Over the next several years I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; as well as a host of other applications. I began designing T-shirt designs for a screen print company and grew to love the art form and the opportunities to design for so many different causes and events. I also enjoyed learning more about the community and feeling tied in as shirts were designed and printed for number of businesses, promotions and community events.

I was eventually invited on to work as the lead designer for a screen print shop that was stagnant in its growth. I was given the freedom to redesign the company branding and starting with the logo, redesigned the website, redesigned the paperwork used to send proofs to clients as well as the in-house paperwork to process jobs, built a library of design assets for more efficient production. The focus of the design department centered on providing custom designs built around the customer’s style and interests, all the while keeping print-ability and cost in mind. I found I had a passion for interacting with clients and finding solutions to their design needs. After three years of growing profits for the company, I decided to strike out on my own! Bold Line Design, LLC is the result of that entrepreneurial drive!


  • I really like the logo you did for me. It was exactly what I was hoping for and you did it faster than I expected too. You were very professional and I will recommend your company to others as well.
    -Nature's Finest Produce
  • Bold Line Design gave us a wonderfully, unique design for our shirts. We received our shirts quickly and they were more amazing than I had expected. Thanks again for all your hard work for our team! We look forward to working with you again in the future!
    -Kristen W.
  • We reached out to Bold Line Design for a couple projects we were working on and they were great! They knocked our projects out quickly and kept us updated throughout the entire process, communication is a very important part of the process and they exceeded our expectations. Bold Line Design went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with the finished product and I would recommend them for all of your graphic design needs.
    -The Racer's Connection